Usage Limits

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PocketHost offers unlimited projects, storage, bandwidth, and CPU on a Fair Use basis.

What is 'Fair'? 🔗

We think fair means that you are using about the same amount of bandwidth, storage, and CPU resources as the average active app on our platform.

PocketHost achieves economies of scale through dynamic management of resources. Relatively low-traffic apps do not require many resources. That means the high-traffic apps are free to use our ample resources. Your app will scale up and down depending on its needs.

If we notice that your app is consistently using so many resources that it is starting to affect the experience of other users, or if it is starting to cost significantly more than you are paying, we will come talk to you. Obviously, anything taken to the extreme is silly: creating 1 billion projects will cause a conversation with us.

The PocketHost ethos is one for indie developers and hackers. We actively avoid the utility hosting provider model with metered-everything. If you keep that in mind, we think you'll be a good citizen and we will return the courtesy!