Accessing Your Instance

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Your PocketBase instance managed by PocketHost is accessible in two ways:

  1. <uuid>.pockethost.io
  2. <subdomain>.pockethost.io

Every PocketHost instance is assigned a UUID that never changes, and a unique subdomain that you control and can change at any time.

Example: I use PocketHost to run the backend for my web game named Harvest. I created a PocketHost instance and chose the name harvest. This is unique across all of PocketHost, and I can access my instance at https://harvest.pockethost.io. However, because instances can be renamed, PocketHost also assigns a UUID that never changes. In this case, the UUID is mfsicdp6ia1zpiu. Thus, the instance permalink is https://mfsicdp6ia1zpiu.pockethost.io.

In the future, support for custom domains will be available. That is being tracked here.