Amazingly Simple PocketBase Hosting

Spend less time on configuring your backend, and more time building new features for your web app.

Up in 30 seconds

Work Smarter, Not Harder

A backend for your next app is as fast as signing up. No provisioning servers, no Docker fiddling, just B(ad)aaS productivity. Pick a unique project name and connect with our JS Client.

Zero Config

Move Fast, Build Fast

With PocketHost, batteries are included. You get a database, outgoing email, SSL, authentication, cloud functions, and high concurrency all in one stop.


Your PocketHost instance is powered by its own internal SQLite instance. SQLite is more performant than mySQL or Postgres and is perfect for powering your next app.


Email and oAuth authentication options work out of the box. Send transactional email to your users from our verified domain and your custom address.


PocketHost securely stores your files on Amazon S3, or you can use your own key to manage your own storage.

Room to Grow

PocketHost, and the underlying PocketBase, can scale to well over 10,000 simultaneous connections.


When you're ready to take your project in-house, we have you covered. You can export your entire PocketHost environment along with a Dockerfile to run it.