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👋 Welcome to PocketHost 🔗

Overview 🔗

PocketHost hosts your PocketBase projects, so you don't have to. Create a project like you would in Firebase and Supabase and let PocketHost do the rest.

PocketHost is a cloud hosting platform for PocketBase. You can use it to instantly provision a PocketBase backend for your latest project. Features include:

  • Create unlimited PocketBase projects, each with a custom subdomain or custom vanity domain
  • Each instance runs on a subdomain of pockethost.io
  • Access your PocketBase instance using the PocketBase JavaScript SDK as easily as new PocketBase('https://my-project.pockethost.io')
  • Run your instance in an ultra-beefy shared environment

Focus on your app 🔗

Get a live PocketBase instance in 10 seconds with no backend setup:

  1. Create an account at pockethost.io
  2. Provision your first PocketBase instance
  3. Connect from anywhere
import PocketBase from 'pocketbase'

const client = new PocketBase(`https://harvest.pockethost.io`)

Batteries Included 🔗

Here's all the Linux/devops stuff that PocketHost does for you:

  • Email and DKIM+SPF and more
  • DNS jargon: MX, TXT, CNAME
  • SSL cert provisioning and management
  • Storage
  • Volume mounts
  • Cloud computing or VPS deployment
  • CDN and static asset hosting
  • Amazon AWS
  • Lots more - scaling, firewalls, DDoS defense, user security, log rotation, patches, updates, build tools, CPU architectures, multitenancy, on and on