PocketHost 0.7.2

Overview 🔗

In the realm of user-friendly, zero-config platforms, PocketHost shines even brighter with its latest release, 0.7.2. Depth up the ante on your cloud solution prowess with this update that buzzes with exciting new features, including the much-anticipated ability to adjust your PocketBase version!

Dive straight into the mix by experimenting with semantic versions and semantic version ranges. But don't worry about causing a retrograde mess, PocketBase has got your back! It refuses to run on an older database version, saving you from an accidental rolls back to earlier, less efficient versions.

Sprinkled across our change log this time, you'll find a blend of cosmetics and cleanups: CSS enhancements, backup and restore UI cleanup, to name a few. Our log context update and singleton base config are some other tweaks we're pretty chuffed about.

And somewhere amidst all that code magic, we managed to clock a few personal records too. With a whopping 326 Github stars, about 2000 registered users, and over 1.5 million instance invocations to our glory, we've got plenty reasons to celebrate. And so do you. After all, about 400 of you have kept your instances active in the past week. That's evidence of an engaged community and a tribute to the power of PocketHost. Thanks for sticking around!

PocketHost is the zero-config 'PocketBase in the cloud' platform. Thank you for everyone's continued support for this project.

What's New 🔗

With this release, you can now adjust the PocketBase version. It will accept semantic versions and semantic version ranges.

With limited testing, it seems that PocketBase will refuse to run on an older version of the database, so there is no danger to accidentally rolling back to an earlier version of PocketBase.

Change log 🔗

  • feat: css cosmetics
  • feat: update pocketbase semver
  • docs: roadmap
  • fix: semver validation
  • chore: cleanup backup/restore UI
  • chore: remove resetBackups RPC
  • chore: backup/restore cleanup
  • fix: missing WorkerLogFields type
  • chore: log context update
  • chore: pm2 log update
  • chore: remove instance backup remanence
  • chore: singleton base config
  • chore: add log breadcrumb support

Stats and Info 🔗

  • 326 github stars (personal best!)
  • ~2000 registered users
  • ~2500 instances created
  • ~1.5 million instance invocations to date (# times PocketBase executable has been launched)
  • ~400 instances active and used in the past week. This tracks, about 15% of instances are in active use.