PocketHost 0.8.0

Overview πŸ”—

Dive into the new world of cloud hosting with PocketHost 0.8.0 tailored exclusively for Nodejs developers. This paradigm-shifting update revamps the already robust PocketHost by adding a plethora of new enhancements. Expect a sleeker, intuitive control panel alongside faster operations to supercharge your PocketBase deployment without batting an eye.

Midnight oil was burned redesigning the instance user interface on the dashboard, bringing you more structure and lucidity. Beware of the added Danger Zoneβ€”a trapdoor leading to the potentially destructive settings for your beloved PocketBase instance. Fear not at the sight of the unknown; for the first time, instances can be renamed offering a new level of personalization to your cloud terrain.

PocketHost 0.8.0 gives you the reigns of your instance with Maintenance Modeβ€”allowing you to disengage running copies and keep them inoperational until you see fit. This proves vital during backups and restores, making them a breeze. Underneath this delightfully tidy UI and heightened control, this update hides a heart of iron. The code managing the launch and closure of instances underwent a complete overhaul, optimizing for superior stability and performance.

So, strap in, and prepare to traverse the cloud-scapes of PocketHost 0.8.0 with a heightened sense of control, crystal clarity, and unshakable stability. Be forewarned, this journey isn’t for the faint-hearted!

PocketHost is the zero-config 'PocketBase in the cloud' platform. Thank you for everyone's continued support for this project.

What's New πŸ”—

There are several MAJOR changes in this release.

New Instance UI πŸ”—

The instance UI in the dashboard has been redesigned to improve organization and clarity.

Danger Zone πŸ”—

A new accordion tab, Danger Zone, has been added. This tab contains potentially harmful or destructive settings for your PocketBase instance.

Rename Instance πŸ”—

Instances can now be renamed.

Every instance is accessible from https://<uuid>.pockethost.io

Maintenance Mode πŸ”—

You can now put your PocketHost instance in Maintenance Mode. Maintenance mode will shut down any running copies of the instance and keep it shut down until you take it out of maintenance mode. This is helpful for backups and restores in particular.

Stability Improvements πŸ”—

In this release, the code managing the launching and shutting down of instances has been completey reworked. The result is dramatically improved stability and performance.

Stress Testing πŸ”—

Each release of PocketHost is now tested with 500 simultaneous requests to hundreds of different PocketBase instances. Stress testing revealed some rare error conditions which have been corrected.

Change log πŸ”—

  • fix: instance store and realtime responsiveness
  • fix: instance shutdown while in unhealthy state
  • fix: frontend logger refactor
  • enh: dashbaord for large number of instances
  • Feat: mega stability overhaul, maintenance mode, rename, respond by uuid
  • refactor: version change
  • enh: process killing enhancements
  • enh: version download enhancements
  • refactor: rpc commands
  • enh: autocancel behavior for instance client mixin
  • enh: downloadManager serialization guard
  • enh: SqliteService async serialization enhancements
  • enh: start central pocketbase at daemon port base
  • fix: createInvocation autocancel key
  • enh: logging output
  • fix: remove async promise handler pattern from InstanceLoggerService
  • chore: FtpService logging and code formatting enhancements
  • fix: handle preflight exceptions in tryCatch
  • enh: SqliteLogger logging
  • chore: remove backups table from db
  • chore: remove RPC commands support from db
  • fix: remove async promise handler (won't catch errors)
  • fix: undefined value in TimerManager
  • enh: cleanupManager async cleanups and singleton shutdown
  • enh: safeCatch logging and handling
  • enh: terminal colors for logging
  • enh: RPC hygen templates
  • fix: faq link
  • enh: instance overview formatting
  • enh: running->version
  • enh: organize instance info in accordion
  • fix: secrets form dark mode
  • enh: add admin link to instance title
  • enh: bootstrap 5.3 update, hljs dark mode
  • fix: remove WorkerLogFields reference
  • cos: tiny button refactor & reduce size of code copy button
  • chore: get rid of worker log fields
  • big: refactor instancemanager for proper shutdown when pocketbase fails
  • bug: reset instances on boot
  • bug: request hangs if pockethost doesn't launch
  • docs

Stats and Info πŸ”—

  • 331 github stars
  • ~2000 registered users
  • ~2700 instances created
  • ~1.5 million instance invocations to date (# times PocketBase executable has been launched)
  • ~400 instances active and used in the past week