PocketHost 0.7.0

Overview 🔗

Dive headfirst into an era of streamlined development with the latest PocketHost update, version 0.7.0. Fully loaded with native PocketBase integration and a new suite of features, this update brings you the future of agile project management - turning your backend administration blueprint on its head.

Here's the crux of what's new: from the get-go, every fresh instance you fire up will now automatically generate and run with the most recent version of PocketBase. This feature, once benched pending PocketBase's maturity, is now rolled out and ready to rumble. Trust us when we say it's game-changing.

There's more spice in the mix. PocketHost 0.7.0 now natively uses PocketBase migrations to manage the central database migrations of PocketHost itself. This means that every intricacy of your backend management, including maintenance mode, updates, and migrations, will be as smooth as butter.

But wait, there's a bonus level! Your voice and suggestions matter. The roadmap is updated and plans are afoot to enable you, the end-user, to initiate a maintenance mode protocol for your PocketBase instance, and run migrations from your dashboard. Get ready to embrace this brave new world of seamless backend project management!

  • PocketHost will now always select and run the latest version of PocketBase for new instances and for the PocketHost central database. This was previously restricted until PocketBase matured more, but we think it is safe now.
  • Now using native PocketBase migrations to manage PocketHost central database migrations. Roadmap has been updated with task to allow end users to put their PocketBase instance in maintenance mode and run migrations.