PocketHost 0.7.1

Overview 🔗

Capture the upgrade in your coding adventure with the rollout of PocketHost 0.7.1, the cutting-edge update to the 'PocketBase in the clouds.' Explore enhanced FTP accessibility, superior handling of static assets, and refined error management. Delve into essential fixes while unlocking the mysteries of an added FAQ section and transitioned docs to GitBook.

PocketHost, your key to zero-config, 'PocketBase in the cloud' platform, has touched down with v0.7.0 today. The stats speak to the success, with an impressive 317 GitHub stars, almost 2000 registered users, approximately 2500 instances created, and a whopping ~ 1.5 million instance invocations.

The living testament to the power of PocketHost is the tell-all FAQ section and the roadmap that keeps you updated with all the happenings in the cloud. With this release, solve FTP username link URLencoding issues, explore the terrain of routing static asset requests to the PocketBase instance, and handle http-proxy error conditions like a pro. The transition to GitBook enhances your journey while various internal error trapping and logging help to deflate potential errors.

PocketHost 0.7.1 is not just an upgrade. It's your portal to elevate the quality of your technical prowess. Get into the rhythm of things, upgrade your PocketHost and let the creative coding get kicked up a notch.

PocketHost, the zero-config 'PocketBase in the cloud' platform, has reached v0.7.0 today. Thank you for everyone's continued support for this project.

Check out the FAQ and roadmap for more details.

Stats 🔗

  • 317 github stars (personal best!)
  • ~2000 registered users
  • ~2500 instances created
  • ~1.5 million instance invocations to date (# times PocketBase executable has been launched)
  • ~400 instances active and used in the past week. This tracks, about 15% of instances are in active use.

About this release 🔗

This is a maintenance release.

Changes 🔗

  • Feature: Added FAQ section and documentation link
  • Fix: FTP username link is now properly URLencoded
  • Fix: static asset requests are routed to PocketBase instance
  • Fix: requests for instances not ending in pockethost.io now rejected
  • Fix: realtime logging API requests no longer intercepted by PocketBase
  • Fix: potential timer memory leak
  • Fix: proper handling of http-proxy error conditions
  • Chore: various internal error trapping and logging
  • Fix: FTP now correctly downloads static assets
  • Fix: FTP now accesses pb_migrations
  • Fix: Secrets CSS light/dark mode fixes
  • Chore: remove platform field from instances and backups
  • Docs: converted to GitBook
  • Fix: Increased release page limit to 100 because some old PocketBase releases were getting dropped from the github API query
  • Chore: adjust logfile destination on live server
  • Chore: remove platform reference when launching instance
  • Chore: add preflight check to tryFetch