PocketHost 0.5.6

Overview 🔗

title: Salutations from PocketHost 0.5.6! date: 2022-12-24T00:00:00.000Z description: Unveiling PocketHost 0.5.6, a game-changing episode coming in hot, parting ways with Docker and tying up with PocketBase 0.10.4. Custom-built for all the NodeJS maestros out there, the latest take aims at delivering efficiency and stability. A commitment to streamline your programming sail and free you from hitch, so you can anchor all your focus where it truly belongs – your masterpiece.

Unravel PocketHost's latest update which turns the tables effectively. Docker gets a courteous bow out, making room for bigger and better. Now, you dive straight into the core, fine-tuning your projects with increased proficiency and zero distractions.

Embrace the new and upgraded PocketBase 0.10.4. This version offers you unmatched compatibility across all your NodeJS endeavors. It's all-inclusive, reliable, and designed to line-up your coding experience - efficient and carefree.

Consider this as a redefined commitment from PocketHost - a promise to keep your coding streamlined, no distractions, only creativity. Your creations are the stars here; PocketHost 0.5.6 is just the robust rocket fuel propelling them to the skies. So, get ready to celebrate more freedom and fewer hiccups; the new era of NodeJs programming has begun.

Remember, it's the dawning of a new age in the realms of PocketHost and you're in for a whirl. This step forward is sure to change the game. Buckle up, developers, it's about to get exciting!

  • Remove Docker
  • PocketBase 0.10.4 update