PocketHost 0.5.5

Overview 🔗

Buckle up, fellow coders, PocketHost has propelled into new frontiers with its latest software upgrade to version 0.5.5! In this update, we’re granting seamless integration with the freshest editions of PocketBase; namely version 0.9.2, 0.10.0, and 0.10.1. With this exciting evolution of PocketHost, expanding the findings in your codeverse just went from Warp to Ludicrous Speed.

Our new 0.5.5 edition of PocketHost handles all your behind-the-scenes tasks, so you can laser focus on crafting superb applications. We spin up instances of PocketBase - with versions 0.9.2, 0.10.0, and 0.10.1 - quicker than you can unravel a Rubik’s cube. It's like having Q from James Bond in your corner, crafting all the DevOps and Linux gadgetry.

With this upgrade, PocketHost has leveled up to become your ultimate ally in web development. Each instance of PocketBase is dedicatedly engineered to put efficiency and convenience at the helm of all your operations, serving as your ride-or-die companion in your coding conquests.

So embrace the power of PocketHost to whip up next-level creations and conquer the galaxy of enterprise-grade applications, faster than a speed-dating algorithm at a Hackathon! Make peace, too, with those DevOps tasks that are about as approachable as a box of Schrodinger’s cats. Welcome to a whole new dimension of deployment. Confidence level: Tony Stark on espresso.

Now, venture forth and boldly code where no dev has coded before. With PocketHost 0.5.5, the code-verse is your oyster!

  • chore: PocketBase 0.9.2 update
  • chore: PocketBase 0.10.0, 0.10.1 updates