PocketHost 0.5.4

Overview 🔗

Buckle up and swiftly ride into the latest offerings from sunny PocketHost 0.5.4. Dive into the matrix as we unravel essential adjustments, bug fixes, and crucial backend compatibility upgrades. It's a wild journey on this Most Serene Republic of Javascript, and no doubt - every glitch de-bugged makes it even more amazing to traverse.

Firstly, transcend that baffling issue where the 'Create Instance' cancel button decided to go MIA. In this version, the cancel button has been tamed and will obediently revert operations upon command. Confusing encounter while trying to cancel? Not on our watch.

Next, ghosts in the machine leaving your instances inactive for real-time events have been banished. Say farewell to instances hitting the snooze button. Brace yourself for instantaneous reactions, as keeping up with real-time events is now a breeze.

Finally, cue the drumrolls for back-end compatibility upgrades. Seamless support for PocketBase 0.9.0 and 0.9.1 has been meticulously architected. Now, you can straddle comfortably between these versions, without breaking a sweat.

In conclusion, PocketHost 0.5.4 is an engaging ride onwards and upwards, taking us a step closer to an even more splendid user experience. Plug in the code, grab some coffee, and watch the magic unfurl.

  • fix: Create Instance cancel button does not work
  • fix: instances do not stay active for realtime events
  • chore: support for PocketBase 0.9.0 and 0.9.1