PocketHost 0.5.3

Overview 🔗

Brace yourselves for the sweet sting of progress as PocketHost 0.5.3 lands with gusto. Peep under the hood and you'll find a backend revamp geared for the future, built on the might of go 1.19.3. From polishing the dashboard details to fortifying the backup functionalities, this version comes ready to rock the stage.

Bid farewell to unhelpful, blank-stare inducing error messages. PocketHost 0.5.3 has been infused with an oracle-like ability to articulate clearly about backup discrepancies. Now, encountering a failed backup due to a non-existent instance won't feel like deciphering an alien language.

Experience the sheer joy of asynchronous operations streamlined for better performance and neat, courteous contextual logging. The version number has moved on like a nomad, finding a new home in the base package.json. Just when you thought auto-cancellation might have taken a sabbatical, guess what, it's back and hustling!

The backup feature in PocketHost has historically been more protective than a mother in a Kung Fu film. With 0.5.3, it now reinforces the defense by outright denying backups for missing data directories.

Essentially, it's not just a new iteration - it's a whole new animal. So, buckle up, code ninjas, and enjoy this smooth new ride in the world of PocketHost.

  • fix: incorrect instance information displaying on dashboard details in some cases
  • fix: more helpful error message when backup fails for nonexistent instance
  • chore: move version number to base package.json
  • refactor: logging and async helpers
  • chore: restore auto-cancellation
  • chore: rebuild with go 1.19.3 and include in bin name
  • fix: Disallow backups if data dir doesn't exist