PocketHost 0.4.0

Overview πŸ”—

Take a seat, nod to the screen and prepare to dive into the world of PocketHost 0.4.0. Unveiling an update that is ripe with enhancements tailored to bolster your project workflows. This fresh layer of technology comes loaded with complete support for PocketBase 0.8 – propelling you closer to that 100% proficiency mark in backend solutions.

Entering stage right, we witness the introduction of the ingenious, 'platforms', a concept designed for seamless version control. An invaluable ally for NodeJS developers as they traverse the path of project streamlining. In the fickle world of version control, 'platforms' stand as the Han Solo to your Millennium Falcon, navigating the intricate passages within the abyss of coding with ease.

Rise, pocket that coffee-filled mug and embrace the robust infrastructure offered by pockethost.io’s latest update. Remember, progress in coding isn't measured by the sweat on your brow, but the smoothness and fluidity of your workflow. Step towards that coding nirvana by wielding this serendipitous update to your arsenal. Unleash the power of PocketHost 0.4.0 and make the coding galaxy your sandbox. No need to hold your breath, the force will always be with you.

  • PocketBase 0.8 support
  • Introduced "platforms" concept for version control