PocketHost 0.4.1

Overview 🔗

Entering the arena with a mighty roar, it's PocketHost 0.4.1 - primed and ready to unleash a wave of enhancements that will drive your node.js creations straight into the heart of the digital world. With support now extended across 0.7.10 and 0.8.0-rc2, this upgrade is standing on the shoulders of the coding giants, beckoning you to follow suit.

Peel back the curtains and you'll find the engine-room of PocketHost 0.4.1 is now fuelled by go 1.19.3. This latest iteration of the open source programming language designed for efficiency and reliability is powering up PocketHost, making it an even more formidable force in the cloud hosting space. Brace yourselves for an invigorating sprint filled with streamlined performance and precision that can put a Swiss watch to shame.

Dig a little deeper and the Docker build system will catch your attention, shuffling on its dancing shoes and spinning a whole new set of updated moves. The improvements to the Docker build system are like adding an extra gear to your interstellar hyperdrive. So, sit tight as PocketHost 0.4.1 takes you on a wild ride across the ever-growing landscape of cloud tech, letting you focus on what you love most - creating stuff that makes a difference. Let's take the leap together!

  • Support for 0.7.10 and 0.8.0-rc2
  • Update to go 1.19.3
  • Docker build system updates