awesome-pockebase has 20+ community resources and growing

Overview 🔗

Dive into the expansive universe of PocketBase on GitHub, courtesy of the meticulously curated https://github.com/benallfree/awesome-pocketbase. It's your immediate gateway to a galaxy that now boasts over 20 vibrant community resources and counting. Python SDK may have been the latest pioneer, but it's one of a rather intriguing line-up.

Explore the terrain that includes everything from starter kits to demo apps, samples tailored to distinct languages and frameworks, a toolbox of SQLite resources, and much more. But it doesn't end there! If you have been tinkering away, creating a project for PocketBase, then it's time for you to step into the spotlight.

Make sure to establish a connection and get listed. There's a thriving community of fellow explorers eagerly awaiting the chance to draw on your PocketBase project. Get involved, share your work, and be part of this flourishing ecosystem.

Don't just concede to the magic of PocketBase. Amplify it! Raise your voice, showcase your project, and help librate the full potential of PocketBase with your contributions. This is your call to action. Connect, create, and conquer. Let's make PocketBase even more awesome than it already is!

I maintain https://github.com/benallfree/awesome-pocketbase. We have over 20 community resources (Python SDK is the latest addition). The resources include starter kits, demo apps, language- and framework-specific samples, SQLite tools, and more. Check it out!

If you are the maintainer of a project for PocketBase, please connect with me to get listed.