PocketHost 0.3.0

Overview 🔗

Unveil the raw power of PocketHost 0.3.0! This game-changing upgrade has shifted the gears with amplified Docker and proxy support, expanded developer documentation, and a total UX overhaul. Now, you have the capacity to operate varying versions of PocketBase for bespoke scenarios, including beta/dev, decked with an eye-catching running status display in vibrant green.

Dive into the enhanced realtime support in the proxy, flawlessly turning around the shortcomings of the previous versions. The developer docs have been overhauled to encompass more comprehensive instructions and hands-on examples, shunning any unclear notions.

Experience Docker functioning at its superlative for both dev and production environments, as Docker support has received a significant improvement. Navigate through a completely redesigned user interface, engineered with simplicity and usability at its core.

Keep track of your PocketBase instance status with ease, as idle/running statuses now project in an unmissable shade of green. Push the envelope even further by spawning different versions of PocketBase per instance tailored to fit your custom use-cases, including beta/dev. With PocketHost 0.3.0, tapping into the immense potential of backend development has never been smoother or more efficient.

  • Improved realtime support in proxy
  • Updated developer docs
  • Improved Docker support for dev and prod
  • Complete UX redesign
  • Idle/running status for PB instance now shows in green
  • Ability to run separate versions of PocketBase per instance for custom cases including beta/dev