PocketHost 0.2.0

Overview 🔗

Immerse yourself in the expansive world of PocketHost 0.2.0, the latest iteration of this user-friendly, fully-managed PocketBase hosting service. Rejoice in the full Dockerization of services for seamless project execution while basking in the glow of substantial, dynamic proxy-driven scaling.

Say goodbye to constant crashes due to memory constraints, as the dynamic proxy in v0.2.0 introduces just-in-time launching of your PocketBase instances. The period of inactivity now triggers the shutdown of an instance until the next request, ensuring cost-effective usage and optimal performance.

Think power. Picture an upgraded server delivering 4GB RAM and dual CPUs, thus creating abundant room for your creative indulgence. Imagine the potential with an upcoming fly.io integration, allowing on-demand spinning up of instances, leaving behind the era of shared tenancy.

Next, envision the convenience of an instant backend, complete with email and S3, brought to you by shared tenancy on pockethost.io. Imagine the synergistic power of the forthcoming PBScript release combined with pockethost integration for an unrivaled BaaS experience. Finally, expect a refreshed SvelteKit UI for pockethost, courtesy of @brewhousedigital, promising an aesthetic overhaul soon. To join the rocket ride of this evolution, explore https://github.com/benallfree/pockethost.

The fully managed PocketBase hosting service https://pockethost.io has been updated to v0.2.0. Go check it out and spin up your very own PocketBase instance 🚀

This release is fully Dockerized.

v0.2.0 scales much better than v0.0.1 by using a dynamic proxy approach. In the previous version, PocketBase instances stayed running and eventually crashed 🔥 the server due to memory constraints. In this version, the proxy launches your PocketBase instance just-in-time when a request comes in. After a period of inactivity, your PocketBase instance will be shut down until a new request comes in. The "first hit" cost of launching your PocketBase instance from a cold start seems to take <500ms, so it's almost not noticeable under normal application use.

I also upgraded the server to 4GB RAM and 2 CPUs, so there should be plenty of room to play around.

At some point down the road, we may accept fly.io machine keys and use fly.io's "machine proxy" service to spin up your instances on-demand. At that point, there won't be shared tenancy anymore.

But I think shared tenancy does have a place in this space. There is something very nice and easy about logging in to pockethost.io and having an instantly configured backend including email and S3, and maybe some day Litestream too. That combined with the upcoming PBScript release and pockethost integration gives you a powerful BaaS without ever going near servers, re-compiling anything, deploying architecture-specific binaries, or needing to manage hosting provider API keys. You literally just get a pockethost URL like https://harvest.pockethost.io/_, feed it to your client SDK, and go.

@brewhousedigital generously offered to take a look at the SvelteKit UI for pockethost and might spruce it up a bit. My design skills are lacking and I'm very aware 🙈

Contributions and discussion for this project at https://github.com/benallfree/pockethost