PocketHost 0.0.1

Overview 🔗

Unleash the alpha magic of PocketHost 0.0.1, an inventive, one-click solution that will transform how you host PocketBase projects. Let your creative web development juices flow as pockethost.io, our groundbreaking product, offers compact multi-tenant hosting handled by a single Digital Ocean VPS and a whip-smart Svelte front-end. No need to tackle SSL certification and dynamic port assignment - they’re instant and automatic here.

Marvel at how this lean, mean hosting machine operates. With pockethost.io, a keenly focused daemon runs on your VPS, always alert for new records from the primary pocketbase instance. Spotting one, it springs into action, provisioning an SSL cert, updating nginx, creating the data storage location, then locating a free port to give life to a new pocketbase instance solely committed to the new entry. Fear no crashes, everything automatically resurrects during startup. Keep a watchful eye on instance health, uptime, port number and more with an admin-only table.

Rejoice, as each pocketbase instance claims its own subdomain. PocketHost 0.0.1 is still evolving. Future releases will offer even more, such as the ability to preconfigure pocketbase instances and more dynamic email configurations. Your feedback and suggestions will help drive which direction we head next. Edison once said, "I find out what the world needs, then I proceed to invent it." Let's invent together. Join the journey now!

I have an alpha up at https://pockethost.io.

  • Running on a single Digital Ocean VPS
  • Frontend is Svelte plus a pocketbase backend (the mothership)
  • VPS has a daemon running that listens to new records from the main pocketbase instance. When it finds a new record, it provisions an SSL cert, updates nginx, creates a data storage location, finds a free port, and spawns a new pocketbase instance dedicated to the new entry. If anything ever crashes, this daemon will re-spawn all pocketbase instances at startup
  • I keep an internal table (admin only) of instance info including health, uptime, port number, and other goodies
  • Each pocketbase instance gets its own subdomain

Still to do:

  • Is there a way to preconfigure the pocketbase instance with the correct Application URL?
  • Is there a way to preconfigure the instance with a <subdomain>@pockethost.io email address? I have Amazon SES approved.
  • It might make sense to shut down idle instances after 7 days or something. Waiting for a problem first.
  • Still interested in a multitenant scenario where a single pocketbase instance can handle requests based on an X-PocketBase-Tenant header or something

@ganigeorgiev Let me know what you think. Also, if the PocketHost name is too close to PocketBase please tell me and I'll change it.