PocketHost 0.3.1

Overview 🔗

Strap in, coder jockeys, let's blast off into the refreshing depths of PocketHost 0.3.1, rolled out this October, full throttle with features that will have your fingers itching to hit those keys. Eager to increase your project visibility across browsers? Make your mark with OpenGraph support, a game changer for managing how URLs display in social media. Expect more traffic, higher engagement, and a significantly enhanced user experience.

Now, let's switch gears to the most requested feature - enhanced dark mode. Coding late into the night? Save those retinas without compromising code quality, because now you can. Imagine pairing up with Darth Vader for a coffee catch-up in The Matrix. Sounds intense? That’s what we’re dishing up. The updated dark mode offers improved readability, reducing eye strain during those all-night coding marathons. It’s clean, focused and makes those long coding sessions a joy rather than a chore.

So next time you find yourself cursing under your breath at a stubborn piece of code late into the night, remember – PocketHost's got your six. OpenGraph and Dark Mode support are here to make your life easier and your users' experience better. Emerge victorious from those late-night battles with code; victorious and a little less strained. Happy coding!

  • OpenGraph support
  • Darkmode enhancements