PocketHost 0.6.0

Overview 🔗

Behold, the fresh-off-the-coding-desk PocketHost 0.6.0! Tap into it to traverse the new frontier of FTP support. Unleash the power to streamline your workflows, uploading and managing files directly as if PocketHost was your local drive, all while savoring the same top-notch security you have come to expect.

Turn your attention to the newly minted cache support for PocketBase releases. As cool as a cucumber storing power in its cells, caching means the latest PocketBase version is always a single tap away—no more waiting for updates. Just like Neo bending the Matrix, it's time to sidestep unnecessary download times and jump straight into the action.

Now, let's talk uptime. That elusive 99.999% target is looking closer than ever, with enhancements to instance uptime ramping up reliability. Immerse yourself in a world where your creation is readily available, keeping both you and your users smiling.

Last but not least, put your hands together for the resolution of the CORS PUT issue. No more dealing with that pesky bug that left many scratching their heads like a glitch in the Death Star's plans. With the advent of PocketHost 0.6.0, that troublesome issue has been banished to the annals of history. Onwards and upwards, as they say!

  • FTP support
  • Cache pocketbase releases
  • Enhance instance uptime
  • CORS PUT fix