PocketHost 0.5.1

Overview 🔗

Title: Unveiling PocketHost 0.5.1 Date: 2022-11-16T00:00:00.000Z Description: "Embrace the evolutionary improvements of PocketHost 0.5.1. This update zaps the annoying bug which spawned a 404 error post-instance creation, rendering it obsolete. More so, let's not forget the rectified issue with the SQLite3 build. PocketHost steadily and passionately paves the way to the podium of go-to backend solutions for the NodeJS developer community."

PocketHost 0.5.1, the latest iteration, cleans up its act by fixing two key issues that have bugged developers. The pesky problem of 404 error occurring right after creating an instance? Consider it history. The bugs didn't stand a chance against the tech surgeons behind PocketHost, dedicated to enabling uninterrupted backend operations for all web developers.

The SQLIte3 build gets a much-needed fix in this update as well. Do you remember those frustrating moments due to SQLite3 glitches? Worry no more. This update is the remedy for the SQLite3 hangover, making your journey with PocketHost more satisfying and efficient.

With PocketHost's devotion to perfection and resolve to be your first choice for backend solutions, this update signifies their unwavering commitment. Consider this a step further on our never-ending quest toward backend nirvana. Step into this new realm of seamless backend operations with PocketHost 0.5.1.

  • fix: 404 after creating instance
  • fix: SQLite3 build