PocketHost 0.5.0

Overview 🔗

Charge into the nexus of backend development with PocketHost 0.5.0! Bearing an armory of new features, it elevates your backend game to a new level. Like a Time Lord with backups, tap into the ability to create data backups. Never lose sight of your version with the version display feature implanted right next to the PocketHost logo.

Experience a wave of user interface refreshments. Enjoy an enhanced account activation process—a seamless experience reminiscent of a console's perfectly executed command. Further, forget fretting over forgotten passwords, as the password reset feature is here for your rescue.

Navigate with ease through an updated menu—may your journey be as smooth as a high-performing algorithm. The pièce de résistance is that your PocketBase instance version number is now displayed on the dashboard, a cue taken from your own coding principles.

With 0.5.0, PocketHost is staking its claim as more than just a backend hosting and deployment service. It's a doyen of developer tools ready to assist, inspire, and improve your code crafting process much like a faithful judo partner, always there to support yet ever challenging you to be better. It's time to fire up your terminals and experiment with the new gadgets in your tech arsenal.

  • Create data backups
  • Display version near PocketHost logo
  • Account activation ux enhancements
  • Password reset feature
  • Menu ux refresh
  • PocketBase instance version number now shows on dashboard