Version 0.9.3 Update

PocketHost, the zero-config PocketBase hosting platform, has reached version 0.9.3.

In this v0.9.3 patch of PocketHost, we've infused several enhancements, including refined release prompts and the incorporation of the 'rizzdown' dependency. The previously included Light Theme Toggle in the dashboard was removed, unnecessary coding was pruned for streamlined performance, and error messages are now more detailed—providing better insights during Docker launch and unexpected PocketBase service exits. We've also updated the '.env' template and revamped our writing style for release blog posts, polishing the user experience further.

Change Log đź”—

  • Version 0.9.3 (patch)
  • enh: enhancements for release prompts
  • enh: add rizzdown dependency
  • Merge branch 'master' of github.com:pockethost/pockethost
  • Dashboard - Removed Light Theme Toggle (#317)
  • chore: remove unnecessary env prefix from yarn dev
  • enh: update .env template to use project root instead of pwd
  • fix: improved docker launch error messages
  • fix: pid now properly shows in debugging output
  • chore: removed unnecessary subdomain check for mothership middleware
  • fix: fixed error message when pocketbase serve exits unexpectedly
  • fix: rizz package name
  • enh: update proompts
  • enh: release blog post template
  • enh: update the writing style for release blog posts
  • fix: 0.9.2 frontmatter yaml syntax fix
  • fix: 0.9.2 release doc formatting