PocketHost 0.9.1

Overview 🔗

Gear up and venture forth into the labyrinth of coding realms with PocketHost 0.9.1. No need to pack your own provisions. This zero-config 'PocketBase in the cloud' platform caters to your every software-dev whim like a Gandalf-grade wizard; all magic, no tricks.

Take a deep breath and plunge into a maintenance release that sets new standards with mind-blowing enhancements. Crisp, clear documentation is like the 'Alexandria Library' for developers, letting you absorb knowledge as effortlessly as Neo in the Matrix. Code refactoring, continuous integration, and glistening Github actions are the invisible threads that weave the fabric of a well-optimized and seamless dev journey. Don't forget the garnish; the pièce de résistance is the enhanced proxy error trapping, alerting you like Spidey Senses on Red Bull.

Unpack a treasure trove of changes in the latest changelog. From hoisting micro-dash, typefest and chalk, to our own PocketHost JS SDK, and a prettier-update, it's like discovering alien tech in your backyard. We've dealt with bugs like Thor deals with misbehaving minions, squashed and silenced for good. Finally, emerge into a Keto diet for marketing - lean and powerful with documentation links bolstered by a rejuvenated marketing and docs site.

Bear in mind though, it's not a stroll in the park. Embrace the power of PocketHost 0.9.1, and carve your own path through the mystical dev realms.

PocketHost is the zero-config 'PocketBase in the cloud' platform. Thank you for everyone's continued support for this project.

Maintenance Release 🔗

This release includes enhancements to:

  • Documentation
  • Code refactoring, continuous integration, and github actions
  • Enhanced proxy error trapping

Change log 🔗

  • enh: ga author and message
  • enh: hoist typefest
  • enh: hoist chalk
  • enh: hoist micro-dash
  • enh: update prettierignore
  • chore: hoist pockethost JS SDK to root package
  • fix: ga
  • chore: ga fix
  • fix: ga interpolation
  • enh: better gh action messages
  • Marketing - Documentation Links & Image Updates (#305)
  • fix: fix hard coded https protocol in frontend
  • enh: read env changes from vite
  • enh: better proxy error trapping
  • chore: fix dev startup package.json
  • chore: prettierupdate
  • chore: package.json fixes
  • chore: lint formatting
  • chore: lint fixes
  • feat: new marketing & docs site
  • enh: rename pockethost.io to dashboard
  • docs
  • docs: prod notes