PocketHost 0.8.2

Overview 🔗

Witness the latest chapter of the PocketHost journey unfold with the release of version 0.8.2. This iteration, a ‘nuts and bolts’ maintenance release, focuses on ensuring your 0-to-60 transition to a live PocketBase instance—with zero-config—is smoother than ever.

Delve into the enhanced logging system, designed meticulously for in-depth debugging. Let the FTP enhancements streamline your workflow while the database migration cleanup keeps things tidy in the backend. Pointedly, don't miss the refactored 'Danger Zone' UI— it's designed to keep you safe while still living on the edge.

Keen eyes might spot a fix for the ‘unzipper’ package failing on node v18.6.0 that was inconspicuously wreaking havoc during PocketBase version upgrades. On the same note, service templates have undergone precise recalibrations, and the node version is now steadfastly locked.

An array of behind-the-scene chores adds robustness while a refactored UpdaterService compliments these under-the-hood improvements. Look out for changes related to the PocketBase service and SQLite patch updates. There’s also the intro of 'stresser' and 'stresser cleanup' for those who love to push the boundaries.

The narrative of PocketHost v0.8.2 is written in its changelog. The numbers speak volumes with 359 GitHub stars, over 2000 registered users, and more than 400 instances active in the past week alone. Dive in and optimize your NodeJS experience with PocketHost 0.8.2.

PocketHost is the zero-config 'PocketBase in the cloud' platform. Thank you for everyone's continued support for this project.

What's New 🔗

This is a maintenance release.


  • Fixed PocketBase version upgrade stability - unzipper package failing on node v18.6.0
  • Improved logging for debugging purposes
  • FTP enhancements
  • Database migration cleanup
  • Refactor Danger Zone UI

Change log 🔗

  • enhancement: proxy logging output fix
  • chore: logging fixes
  • fix: lock node version
  • fix: unzipper nodejs incompatibility
  • chore: sqlite patch update
  • refactor: UpdaterService
  • chore: rename pocketbaseService
  • fix: service template
  • enh: stresser
  • enh: stresser cleanup
  • fix: restore pb_static in FTP service
  • chore: docs cleanup
  • enh: FTP support
  • enh: breadcrumb fluent logging
  • docs: path adjustments
  • docs: maintenance mode
  • fix: maintenance mode timeout fixed

Stats and Info 🔗

  • 359 github stars
  • ~2000 registered users
  • ~2700 instances created
  • ~1.8 million instance invocations to date (# times PocketBase executable has been launched)
  • ~400 instances active and used in the past week